Monster 25

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1994. I wanted to be a writer. 15 years old. My dad was a football fanzine writer. I decided I could be a writer. Standard Grade English was, if not my best school subject, certainly my favourite. Some bright spark thought the school needed a newspaper, so I joined the team as the music reviewer. […]

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Radio Kapitał Episode 4 – 19/09/2019

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The 4th episode of my Radio Kapitał show is the second and final of September’s mini-series on Britpop. Why Britpop? It’s the 25th anniversary of the release of Oasis’ Definitely Maybe last week, and it’s brought back untold levels of nostalgia, so I’ve been digging through the ol’ Britpop archives. Every second Thursday, at 10pm, […]


This Is Memorial Device

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As a music fan, I came of age in the 90s, growing up in Airdrie, a provincial, post-industrial, ex-mining town in the west of Scotland. Grunge, Britpop, American indie rock, and most importantly, the Scottish indie scene had taken over my life. Chemikal Underground was monumental for me – a direct catalyst for my starting […]