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From jaggy, off-kilter lo-fi to icy, delay-soaked post-rock; from beautiful, piano-led modern-classical to glacial, shimmering ambient music: The scope of Neil Milton’s musical output has been anything but narrow. After a short break spent remixing others, he has returned with another change of direction, towards his love for harmony-rich, 60s-inspired indie-pop. C86 dreaming of ’68, you might say.

Neil is a Scottish musician, based in Warsaw, Poland. He is the owner and manager of too many fireworks records and is best known as a solo artist, and as guitarist and singer in retro-pop band, Pop-up Books.

He began writing and recording music in 1999 with the post punk / post rock band, Troika. During his time in the band he formed his own record label, too many fireworks. After a break of several years, Neil began to compose and record modern-classical music and experimental, ambient soundscapes before joining the Varsovian post-rock band, The Frozen North, in January 2014. The band split in 2016.

In Spring 2018, Neil released ‘You Are the Summer / Imposter’, the first single of a new direction towards indie and guitar pop, then later in the year released the Singing as You Leave E.P.

2019 came around and saw the formation of Neil’s new band Pop-up Books, and the release of its first single, Without You b/w (a re-recording of his own) You Are the Summer, just before the band performed at the 10th anniversary of the TEDxWarsaw event.